3 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Products Aren't Working

3 Reasons Why Your Skin Care Products Aren't Working

When it comes to skincare, there’s a lot to unpack—both figuratively and literally. Since it often involves a lot of trial and error, it’s rare that you get it right on your first try. And with so many products out there, it can be pretty overwhelming at times.

You may have invested a lot of money on your skincare products only to be dismayed by results that are underwhelming or even non-existent. You’ve followed all the tips and tricks out there on the internet, so why isn’t your skincare routine working?  


You Focus on the Price Instead of Your Specific Needs

Many people believe that a more expensive a skincare product will always be better than something cheaper., and many others believe the exact opposite. What people don't realize though is how different products can have varying levels of effectiveness depending on formulation, price point, but more importantly your specific skincare needs. 
One big misconception in skin care has been believing only one's wallet dictates what quality or type beauty treatments are available; instead there may actually exist an entire spectrum between high-end luxury brands with advanced technologies compared to drugstore deals that make you glow on a budget.

It’s also important to note that what may work for some people may not work for others. While some celebrities and influencers may rave about certain skincare faves, that does not automatically mean those products will work well on your skin too.

Since price is not a guarantee for effectiveness, what should you look for instead? First, determine whether a product is formulated for your skin type. In addition, you should look for products with ingredients that will help address the particular issues you may face ( like hyperpigmentation or maskne)


You Only Use a Dime-Size Amount of Product

Your skincare products may not be working as effectively as they should because you’re not using enough. There seems to be this misconception that you should only use a dime-sized amount for all your skincare products.

However, the truth is that the recommended amount will vary depending on the product. So, it’s best to check the directions for use on the box or bottle and follow that instead. You can also use a little more of the recommended amount, especially if you feel there’s not enough coverage, unless there are medicated ingredients and/or specific instructions not to go over a certain amount.


You Have an Inflexible Skin Care Routine

While it is essential to build a consistent habit, you have to leave some room for flexibility. Remember, your skin needs will change depending on several factors. This could be anything from gut health to stress to the weather.

When your skincare routine is no longer working, make some adjustments. While you can keep the same base products, such as facial cleansers, you can swap out other products depending on your needs, like a thicker moisturizer for dry winter weather. And you don’t always have to throw the old products away. You can have a rotation of your go-to products for a more flexible routine.

Remember, skincare is not set in stone. And your skincare routine should change along with you. 

Final Thoughts

Building an effective skincare routine can be tough, as it involves a lot of trial and error. There’s always going to be new things to learn and unlearn, and you must be ready to change right along with other factors like weather and age to continue getting the results you want.

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