Age Slower Naturally

Age Slower Naturally

Aging is as inevitable as the passage of time. Even with the emergence of new technologies and the digital transformation of various sectors in society, everyone will grow old and eventually reach the end of their life. However, even without an actual fountain of youth, there are a few ways to help slow the process of aging.

Although you can’t help but give in to the flow of time, there is something you can do to age slower without resorting to cosmetic procedures or invasive surgeries. There’s nothing wrong with getting Botox or other treatments to make you look younger, but if you want to achieve natural beauty, you may turn to organic methods.

To slow down the aging of your skin, it’s crucial to improve its elasticity. By maintaining your skin’s elasticity, you will look younger than your actual age and have a beautiful, blooming appearance! Fortunately, besides the standard cosmetic procedures available in the market, there are various ways to mitigate declining collagen production in your skin naturally.

If you’re looking to take an all-natural approach to age more slowly, try any of the products below:


Natural Retinol

Among the many topical ingredients to improve elasticity, retinol is one of the most popular. However, since it’s so strong, it can cause sun sensitivity, which isn’t good for the skin and limits its recommended use to nighttime.

Our Amazonica Facial Oil contains Cacay Oil, which has 3 times more natural retinol (Vitamin A)  than Rose Hip Oil, a favorite among naturalists looking for alternatives to commercial retinol. It is more stable and non-irritating molecule, making it appropriate for use at any time, day or night.

Our Serengeti Sunrise Facial Oil, which is a blend of rare oils and extracts from East Africa, is also quite effective at helping to reduce the appearance of dark marks and wrinkles - two telltale signs of aging - helping you look younger.


Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are also great for promoting skin elasticity and hydration besides gut, joint, and bone health. Taking collagen supplements makes up for the decrease in collagen production as you age, helping slow down the aging of your skin.

Besides maintaining the youthfulness of your skin, collagen can also improve the appearance of your hair. Although collagen is generally a safe and nontoxic daily supplement, be wary of its possible side effects before purchasing one at a beauty supply store.


Plant-Based Stem Cells

Comfrey stem cells, white tea life extract, and other plant-based stem cells are also known to be excellent substances to help give a more youthful appearance. These plant-based stem cells will act as a protective barrier for the skin, allowing cells to regenerate at a healthy speed.


Stress Reduction

You don’t always have to search for a product to find the solutions for aging gracefully. Sometimes, simply minimizing stress can already do so much for not only your skin but also for your mental and physical health.

We recommend developing a stress management plan so that you can reduce the production of stress hormones. The less stress you’re exposed to, the happier and younger you’ll feel!


Aging may be inevitable, but there’s something you can do to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles as much as possible. By working on yourself from the inside out and using the right products for your skin, you’ll be able to maintain your youthful appearance for the years to come!

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