Why You Should Be Using Facial Oils This Summer

Why You Should Be Using Facial Oils This Summer

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it can also be really hard on your skin. One way to combat this issue is by using facial oils! I know what you're thinking...facial oils? Isn't oil + heat + sweat the perfect formula for breakouts? Not necessarily...



Sounds counterintuitive I know, but summertime activities actually dry skin out (think swimming and additional sun exposure, especially in drier climates), so a skincare routine that utilizes facial oil helps hydrate the skin and pack it with antioxidants prior to sun exposure. Oils formulated with balancing ingredients provide nourishment and moisture, lessening the likelihood that the skin’s oil-production mechanism will go into overdrive, reducing the dreaded mid-day shine.

So what kind of face oil should you be using? Look for ingredients that include lightweight oils like jojoba, squalene, and others that rate a 0 or 1 on the comedogenic scale (which means they won't clog your pores). Skip anything formulated with olive, avocado and coconut oil, which are all comedogenic—meaning, they clog pores. What else should you skip?

  • Ingredients that increase photosensitivity: these increase the likelihood and speed at which your skin burns when exposed to the sun, especially for those with sensitive skin
    • anything citrus-y (lemon, lime, or orange oils)
    • bergamot
    • cumin
    • rue
  • Essential Oils: Almost always a no-go for sensitive skin, but even mores in summer. Save those for aromatherapy instead :)


If you're looking for a new way of keeping hydrated this season without breaking out into more problems than solutions, then try adding a few drops of one of our facial oils in place of your moisturizer and on top of your favorite sunscreen. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much it helps keep those pesky blemishes away! Our oils are specifically formulated to contain all the goodness your skin loves without the extra things it doesn't. Check them out today!

Not sure which oil is right for you?  Take our quiz to find out your skin type and get your customized recommendation!