Can Facial Oils Replace My Moisturizer?

Can Facial Oils Replace My Moisturizer?

People know one thing for sure: moisturizer is an essential part of any skincare routine. Moisturizing every day reduces the chances of becoming too dry or too oily, which are harmful conditions for the skin. Besides that, it also slows down the aging process and protects your skin against the sun, acne, blemishes, and other skin problems. But the bigger question is what moisturizer one should use. 

Due to the rising focus on the skincare industry today, various types and brands of products are also rising. So, how do you determine which among the options are best for your skin? This article will be all about face oils—not the oils produced by the skin, but a category of skincare products. Are they effective? 

What Is Face Oil?

A face oil is a product used by people with dry skin, but even normal skin can benefit from its hydration properties. It is a hydrating solution product specially made to work with the skin’s natural oils and keep them balanced. Since the skin already has oils keeping it hydrated, skincare experts thought of ways to complement this with other oils. 

Continuously using such products can soothe the skin. In short, moisturizers and natural oil on the face can hydrate, while the face oil lengthens the hydration effect. Both are an essential part of the moisturizing process. 

Is Face Oil an Effective Moisturizer?

Yes, and an excellent one at that. It has two essential aspects: the humectant and the occlusive. Here is how the two work:

  • Humectants attract water molecules from outside sources like air onto the outermost layer of our skin where they can be distributed evenly throughout.
  • Occlusives serve as a physical barrier to help prevent water loss from the skin’s surface. They also act like a protective shield against environmental hazards such as over-exposure to UV rays, pollution in air quality, extreme heat and cold temperatures.

If you want an effective moisturizer, it should have these two crucial ingredients. Fortunately, face oils contain them both, especially since the natural oil in the face cannot seal the moisture on its own. 

How to Use the Face Oil

Like any other product, everything relies on finding the right balance between the ingredients. Too much of one can also harm the skin, plus they are not the only kinds of moisturizers out there. 

Make sure that you utilize both components in the necessary balance. For example, if you apply a lightweight lotion or moisturizer to your skin, follow it with oil for better moisture absorption. Do this once in the morning and once at night if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, apply at night. 

Why Use Face Oil

Here are some good reasons a face oil can be helpful to your skin:

  • It can give you a healthy-looking glow. No matter how dull you think your skin is, an oil can restore its glow. Even if you are makeup-free, you will look like you have natural highlights.
  • It locks in moisture and gives your skin the nourishment it needs. Applying oil after using your moisturizer can seal in all of the products’ hydrating ingredients. Your skin can get deeper moisture.  


If moisture is what you believe your face badly needs at the moment, consider adding face oil to your skincare routine. The right amount and formula of face oil will never clog your pores. It will protect the skin and even make your makeup application smoother. The key tip is to apply your face oil after your application of moisturizer to ensure that its hydrating properties stay on your face for a longer period. 

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