How Often Should I Wash My Face?

How Often Should I Wash My Face?

Some people think that you should wash your face as often as you can. It’s difficult to blame people with this mindset because you are exposed to an untold amount of pollutants every day, whether inside or outside the home. This especially true in summer when people spend even more time spent outside in the heat. Washing your face once a day, preferably at night, is the bare minimum to remove they day's accumulated dirt, makeup, oil, and dust. 

That being said, experts continue to debate whether washing your face in the morning is necessary. Some aestheticians and dermatologists say that a morning face wash is not really needed, as all you are doing is washing away the face's natural oils which were replenished overnight. However, other experts state that washing your face twice a day—once in the morning and once at night—is the ideal way. Confusing, right?

But really, it all comes down to your skin type and a bit of trial and error to feel out which products and routines work best. If your skin feels dry or flaky when you wake up, using a nourishing oil cleanser can add a bit of moisture into the face. However, if your skin is oily, a once-over with micellar water 

How Can You Tell If You Are Overwashing?

Your skin should not feel tight or dry. If it does, that is when you know you have overwashed. Going overboard in washing your face may result in skin sensitivity, redness, dry patches, or flakiness. 

Using the wrong facial cleanser is a significant reason for overwashing. Keep in mind that cleansing should not irritate your skin, so make sure to find one that best suits you. 


What You Wash with Matters

While there is no steadfast rule for face washing, you have to choose your facial cleanser according to your skin type. Whether you use a mild gel cleanser or an exfoliating scrub, you must ensure that your cleansing products do not damage your skin. If your skin is already sensitive, watch out for formulas with essential oils like tea tree oil or peppermint oil. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to have flawless and glowing skin. You can achieve this by being gentle with your skin and making sure that the products you use are not damaging. Partner excellent skincare habits with a healthy diet, and you’re sure to achieve the best brightness and glow for your face!

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