What's on the Outside Counts: Skincare Packaging

Dark Glass Packaging

When it comes to the world of natural beauty and skincare products, there's a lot of focus on on the formulation. So many companies (us included!) tout natural, organic, super-food ingredients and the results that come with their use. However there’s one key element to product efficacy that doesn’t go inside the bottle. It’s all about what’s on the outside: packaging. 

Ever looked at all the bottles your skincare products come in and wonder why they’re packaged that way? It may surprise you to know it’s not just a matter of aesthetics, but packaging has a direct effect on your product’s efficacy.

 Exposure to light can have a tremendous impact your skincare products, especially when it’s made natural ingredients. Especially when those natural ingredients are oils. This leads to an even bigger question - can a product's packaging have a negative effect on how it works? The short answer is yes. The longer answer gets a bit complicated...buckle up.


History of Dark Glass Packaging

Darker colored bottles glass bottles have been in use for centuries, with some believing their popularity is due to the liquor industry. Brewers began to notice that when their beers were packaged in transparent glass, they went bad quickly and developed a rancid smell with exposure to sunlight. So they made the change to darker bottles, which slowed the spoilage.

Why did darker bottles make a difference? Glass works along the color spectrum, with the color of the glass determining the type of light it allows through and the degree to which that light can affect the product inside. 

Why We Should All See Color

If you’ve purchased natural, eco-friendly products a part of your skincare routine, you’ve likely had plenty of products packaged in glass bottles. Most commonly, you’ll see products in amber bottles, which provide a high level of protection from degradation, blocking Amber glass helps cut down on photochemical reactions as its color only allows low frequencies of yellow, red, and orange to pass through.

However, at A-Daima, our products are packaged in UV glass, also known as Miron Violet Glass, which is designed to be the superior choice for preservation of natural materials. In addition to being the state-of-the-art method of storage, Miron Violet Glass is exceptionally attractive with a beautiful deep purple color. Surprise - it’s not black! 

bottles in box 

Miron Violet Glass' dark purple color blocks the complete spectrum of visible, degrading light. At the same time, it allows a small, invisible part of the violet light spectrum to permeate the glass. Part of the larger band of Ultraviolet light, these non-visible light rays, known as UVA and far infrared, are responsible for impeding the growth of bacteria, mold and pathogens within Miron glass.

This combination of light rays is the genius behind violet glass, offering optimal protection against the aging process that is released by visible light, lengthening durability and potency of products held within it. That's right!! You can store your Miron packaged oils anywhere, even in direct sunlight, and they will always be not just preserved, but nurtured by the protection provided by Miron glass.