The No Thanks List: Artificial Dyes

artificial dye

A-Daima Cosmetics is a natural skincare brand based on oils from Africa and the Amazon. As a clean beauty brand, we pride ourselves on formulating with the highest quality organic ingredients. We also pride ourselves on the list of common cosmetics ingredients we leave out of our products. We call this the "No Thanks" list. Next up: artificial colorants 

Dyes and colors have been used in cosmetics for millennia. Historically, people crafted dyes for their cosmetics using natural ingredients from flower petals to berries, bark, and even beetles (known as carmine, and still in use today...check your lipgloss)! However, in modern times the use of artificial dyes and colors has become more common. Artificial dyes are crafted using synthetic additives, with over 20 being used to create a single color. Additives used to create these colors can consist of materials such as coal tar, petroleum, and even heavy metal salts such as arsenic and lead.

Products containing the harsh additives can block your pores, leading to buildup over time and damaging your skin. However, artificial dyes and colors can also contain known carcinogens, which means that even in small amounts, they are associated with an increased risk for cancer. 

Choosing dye-free products (or my favorite combo - fragrance free and dye free) is almost always going to be the best option for your face. If you aren’t sure whether a product contains artificial dyes and colors, take a look at its label. All manufacturers are required to list what they include in their products, and ingredients are listed in order from highest concentration to lowest. Colorants are the exception though and are always listed at the end. Look out for specific names like Red 40 or Yellow 5. Natural colors (iron oxides and micas) are listed as either the specific color  

At A Daima, we choose not to use artificial dyes and coloring in our all-natural skin care products. In fact, we don’t use any colorants at all! Any color in our products is derived entirely from the ingredient mix.