The Benefits of Cleansing with Oil

The Benefits of Cleansing with Oil

The idea of introducing more oils to your skin can sound like a recipe for acne breakouts. However, while it’s true that excess sebum production (the natural oils produced by your skin) can cause pimples, oil cleansing has overlooked potential in enhancing your skincare routine. 

Most of the skincare advice we've have been given advises to avoid oil products like the plague, but research shows that applying healthy oils to your skin promotes soothing, healing, and skin-boosting effects.

Cleansing oil can be a gentle way to remove makeup and unwanted dirt, calm inflamed skin, and prevents unforgiving breakouts from wreaking havoc on your face. 

What is Oil Cleansing?

The basic idea behind oil cleansers is that “like dissolves like.” In other words, putting clean, nourishing oils on your skin is intended to

  • Lift excess sebum and remove makeup as gently as possible
  • Minimize breakouts and the appearance of blackheads by unclogging glands and removing dead skin particles, dirt, and more; 
  • Keep the skin well-hydrated all while having the ability to remove waterproof makeup; 
  • Keep the skin’s oil levels balanced; 
  • Provide anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe redness and other inflammatory skin conditions; 

Now that you know the benefits of oil cleansing and how it can improve your regime, let’s explore some of the best oils to use for your cleansing! 

What are the Best Oils to Use for Skincare? 

Regardless of what oils you choose, it’s important to buy high-quality oils and cleansers that don’t have any added fragrance or dyes scents or dyes added. When possible, look for cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin oils that are meant to be used on the skin, rather that the food-grade oils you've got in the pantry.

To properly cleanse your facing use these natural oils; you can refer to the basic steps below:

  1. Put one to two teaspoons of oil in your hand and rub it gently all over your palm to spread the oil evenly. 
  2. Apply your oil by massaging it gently and evenly on your skin for a minute or two. 
  3. Remove the oil using a damp, warm, and smooth washcloth. For better results, you can follow up by washing your face using a mild cleansing wash that doesn’t strip your skin’s moisture. 
  4. Pat dry using a soft towel and apply some more moisturizer to ensure the skin remains well-hydrated. 


How Can A Daima Help You?

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