What to Do if You Have Patchy Skin

What to Do if You Have Patchy Skin

Skincare has been a growing topic, especially over the past couple years. Now that many are opening about their skin woes, more professionals and skin experts are up and ready to help you manage your skin problems. As we age, our skin goes through significant changes. Besides visible signs of skin aging like wrinkles and dark spots, many also experience changes in their skin's texture and luminosity.

Dry patches are a common skin issue many people face, and it's usually caused by a lack of moisture. When you have dry skin patches, you'll notice that these areas will have scaly or flakey skin, and are often itchy. So if you're starting to notice this with your skin, what should you do?

Most people will try to incorporate more hydrating and moisturizers or even add oil for dry skin into their skincare routine. But before you apply these products to the biggest organ of your body, it pays to know the different causes of dry, patchy skin and the best way to deal with these underlying issues.

Skin Problem #1: Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a long-term inflammatory skin condition that produces dry patches on your skin. These patches often appear red, thick, and have a silver-like appearance that is pertinacious. Though psoriasis can happen in any part of your body, 50% of those with psoriasis often have these patches on their face or scalp. 

Unfortunately, psoriasis is quite difficult to treat and is a sensitive issue that will require complicated treatments. In most cases, dermatologists would require specific topical medicated lotion, gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and other systemic treatments. 

Skin Problem #2: Eczema

Another common skin condition is eczema, which often causes flare-ups of dry and irritated skin. Oftentimes, this skin issue is developed in childhood and worsens as we age. 

Treatment for eczema will depend on the severity of your skin condition. Sometimes, treatment may include easy home remedies to manage symptoms, while severe cases will need prescription medications. 

Skin Problem #3: Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a type of eczema caused by an allergic reaction. But unlike eczema, contact dermatitis doesn't run in the family and is most often linked to allergic triggers and conditions, such as asthma and hay fever. 

Dermatologists would suggest avoiding allergens and irritants that cause these adverse reactions. To treat existing contact dermatitis, it's best to use topical steroids that dermatologists prescribe. And in most cases, if the rash is widespread, injectable corticosteroids might be needed. 

How Do I Prevent Dry Patches?

  • Cleanse your face daily with a mild facial gel cleanser to avoid stripping skin of its natural oils.  A Daima's Safi Gentle Cleansing Gel glides over skin easily and rinses clean, leaving it feeling silky-smooth, supple, and balanced.
  • Skip hot water and wash your face and body with warm water instead, making sure you don't spend longer than 10 minutes under the shower
  • After washing your face, pat your face dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing it rigorously
  • Manage your stress levels to mitigate eczema flare-ups.
  • Don't skimp on a good moisturizer and ensure to integrate it in your morning and night skincare routine. Seal that moisture in with a facial oil that is formulated fo your skin type. Our Kalahari Queen oil is formulated with Mongongo Oil, which specifically relieves dry, patchy skin. 
  • Maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle, avoiding habits and vices that may affect your skin health;

The Bottom Line: Prevent Dry Skin From Happening By Taking The Right Steps to Have Healthier Skin

The cure for any issue is prevention, and when it comes to skin issues, taking the right steps to have healthier skin can help eliminate common skin issues such as dry patches. So from choosing the right gel cleanser to incorporating oil for dry skin, you can have bouncy, soft, and smooth skin again in no time. 

How Can A Daima Help You?

Dealing with skin issues can be tricky, but there are products that you can incorporate to reduce the risk of developing common skin conditions. 

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