Your Sustainable Skincare Routine's Secret Weapon

Evening Rituals Kit

When thinking about sustainable skincare, most people start and stop with ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging. However there is one key component of your skincare routine that can negate or boost both the effectiveness and sustainability of your green skincare routine...your skincare tools and accessories.

Skincare accessories and tools can have a huge impact on how your products are delivered to and removed from your skin. In addition, the environmental impact of those products can be substantial, especially with repeated use. Here, we will talk about finding sustainable skincare accessories and things you can look for to ensure you are getting effective products that reduce harm to the environment.

Perhaps you have yet to hear about bamboo face towels. If not, gravitate to @adaimacosmetics on Instagram where we sing their praises. If you have, you may be wondering just what makes these items different from regular towels and the benefits they can provide for both you and the environment.

Among the biggest reasons many people are choosing bamboo face towels, along with other products made with bamboo fibers, is the sustainability of the material. Bamboo is the fastest-growing material on earth, growing up to a meter per day as well as having the ability to grow without pesticides or insecticides. It also needs a third the amount of water to grow than cotton, making it much more self-sufficient. As for its ability to add to one’s skincare routine, a bamboo face towel is highly absorbent and has natural anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties. This helps to avoid re-distribution of the very germs you think you're removing from your face, making a bamboo face towel a great accessory to helping keep your skin clean and clear. Grab a 7-pack as part of our Evening Rituals Kit

Evening Rituals Kit

Options for environmentally friendly skincare accessories have increased recently. Since even small things can lead to waste, the best way to begin by taking a look what you are using and finding opportunities for slight adjustments. Below are a few recommendations for easy swaps to begin your journey to more sustainable skincare (all from small, woman-owned businesses):

  • Replace single-use cotton pads with reusable ones: We're big fans of the bamboo versions (shocking, I know), but re-usable cotton and microfiber versions are quite effective as well
  • Reusable Beauty Swab: Replace your standard Q-Tip with these re-usable beauty swabs that can handle everything from eyeliner application to earwax removal. So basically, everything the old school version does, but cleaner
  • Back to the Bar: From large brands like Lush to emerging Indies like Blue Rose Bath Boutique and Pea Pod Pixie Gift Shop have shown us, swapping liquid shampoos and body washes with solid versions doesn't mean compromising on effectiveness or sensorial experience. The newest wave of artisanal bar soaps are gentler and more luxurious, and than ever. 
  • Swap those sponges and loofahs: Ditch the cheap loofahs for all natural sea sponges sustainably harvested from the Caribbean waters of the Bahamas. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these sea sponges are toxin-free and hypo-allergenic in addition to being mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant. Get yours from an emerging small business like, Elovhi (pronounced L-O-V) 

Ultimately, environmentally friendly skincare doesn’t have to be difficult. One of the best things you can do overall is to ensure you’re using both products and accessories sourced from companies that pay attention to and strive for sustainability in everything they do.